Just Now in Germany

One of many rallies against … oh, what? Against everything I guess. Against Corona (nobody or everybody’s wearing a mask), against fascism, against the left, against the govmt, against Merkel, against the EU, against nazis and antifa … and all the other things we don’t like.

And RT dares to broadcast live …

And nothing happens. Later we’ll see many older people while the streetfighters have gone home. People, that’s not the way to start or stop anything.

Arthur of 451° is in the thick of it.

Took me about half an hour to figure out this was an antifascist protest. And Antifa doesn’t even try to attack the police? Not even agents provocateurs by the police? What’s wrong with people??? Where is our fukn enemy? And who is it?

A famous German showmaster and former Eurovison Song Contest winner with his own blonde policetrooper. 😮

No action, no teargas, no aggression, many confusion … how boring. 😦

Athur is amused

Typical for a protest on Sunday: Everybody’s looking forward to coffee and cake at mum and dad’s and wants to go home. But, oh fuk, mum n dad are at the same protest. Fukn small town crowds. 😮

But thanks anyway, RT for showing us this whatever that was. 😐

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