We Just Talked About Trump

… and Coronavirus, didn’t we? And we know that Donald Trump is the most important fighter against fake news

Not that I am a fan of the NYT or any American propaganda outlets, but this seems like good and valueable information. Particularly now that the manchild’s own lies are coming back to bite him, Melania and the rest of the WH in the @$$.


        • You didn’t know about Russia Today? So your govt’s surpressing tactics worked out and kept the ordinary American citizen away from any outside views.

          But you surely know RT’s Redacted Tonight, “the show where Americans in America reporting about American news are called Foreign Agents?”


          And they also have official news channels in some western countries:


          And that’s true. The CIA or FBI or whatever agency, denies all RT personel journalist status and classifies them as foreign agents. 😮 Of course is RT owned by the Kreml but at least they don’t make it a secret but are quite open about it.

          Am I a Putin fangurl? Nope. But I’m a fan of free-flowing information. And I guess I get it better from the Russkies.

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