Trump, Covid, Need I Say More?

When all is said on the internet already, why should a stupid housewife from some African shithole chime in?

What do you expect me to say when the facts are speaking for themselves?

Sorry, the always clever Orca has nothing to say to this newness. Or, no, I have many things to say but nothing that would help in any way or add to your wisdom. Here, look, the last link, CNN has an opinion. If you want one, go read theirs. I just noticed a systemic failure of new dimensions and can’t even say I’m baffled or the least bit surprised. The puzzle USA solves itself and we’re all witnessing it.

Ooooh, shit, didn’t I say I won’t say nothing?

/me shuts up now

(White)House of cards comes tumbling down.


        • Do we know he’s dead? Really? I mean, c’mon now, have we seen any prove, any photos of his dead body? Wouldn’t the military prseent their trophy if he was really dead? As far as I’m concerned, Osama gets his tan on at some tropical beach and spends his millions on whores and alcohol-free soft drinks. Either that or he was killed already years earlier and his death was kept a secret.

          US military and CIA seemed never in any particular hurry to capture him. Why? Because he was much too useful as an instrument to press more money out of the taxpayers for new weapons n shit. Dead or alive, dead and alive, like Schroedinger’s Bin Laden.

          War on Terror, remember? The most unfightable thing ever, that’s why it’s called terror. And the American industrial military complex made billions of woolongs profit and got shiny new toys from this shitty premise.


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