It’s Pretty Sad

Imagine breaking your shinbone … crick, cracks, wuaaaargs! 😮 … and your ankle, too 😦 , in one swift rock climbing accident. OMfG! right? It happened! Happened to my computer repair lady. Never figured her for a rock climber. And she obviously isn’t a very good one, that much is sure. 😦

And who’s gonna repair my computer now?

Anyhoo, this will delay repairs on MiniMax even further. When I called her a couple days ago she told me after some weeks of hospital and being bed ridden she can only hobble through her workhop very very slowly, can’t stand upright for longer than a couple minutes but has to sit down most of the time.

This doesn’t look like she’s working on my computer. :/

At least I’m not the only client suffering this delay, she told me many pisssed off corporate clients are shouting at her on the phone because they are appearantly losing millions of Woolongs while she is lazily lounging around.

Doesn’t help the least little bit with my quest to join Bia’s TrYC races anytime soon. 😦

Office warrior GagaMore and Linux tester Gaga are trying to do the job of a real computer. 😉 And they are both doing it oh so well. Only problem is they both don’t have a graphics card but are using Intel’s onboard graphics which are hardly up to showing Second Life like its supposed to be.

So it’ll probably take some more time until I’m finally be able to sail and join in the Triumphal racing fun. 😦


  1. So you found this out weeks later? I feel sorry for her and all. Me still thinks you really, really REALLY need a different computer repair person. If mine wasn’t fixed in a week I would be fuming. But then, I’m an American ;P

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    • She lives close by and handles my problem child in her spare time. And often charges me nothing. I know I should get a completely new machine, one based on AMD, since even when my recent one is running again, it’s kinda 6 years old by now … but then we also have this crazy van to worry about … :/


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