5 Reasons Why I Switched from Windows to Linux

No, not me personally. But the guy who made this video:

Detailing the main reasons I switched from Windows 10 to Linux (Pop!_OS and Manjaro) and why I was able to stay in the Linux ecosystem after years of jumping back and forth. Linux today is much better than when I first tried it out as a confused middle schooler in 2008. Now there is plenty of alternative to professional Windows applications and there isn’t even a need for me to use Wine anymore.

Good reasons, no?

I know everybody has their reasons, and his might differ from mine and yours. But they are reasons, valid reasons to do the switch. And, as Orsi always tells you sooner or later you’ll have to switch anyway. It’s only a matter of time until Microsoft’s system of keeping itself alive by claiming to be the standard, until their swindle and fake will become so obvious, even your granny will wanna get away from Windows. And then you are there, already wise and old in Linux, and you can help poor old granny to finally see the light! πŸ™‚

Trust me, it’ll be good!

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