The End of the World? *EDIT*

Uiuiuiiii …

Couple minutes ago, ~09:10h another loud b00m and the earth shook again. 😮

Obviously it’s far too early to expect any media reports, so just a quick heads-up from here: Dogs and birds gone crazy, neighbourhood seems dead.

.. Ooops, right now, 09:28h we experienced a light aftershock …



Cape Town residents experience second tremor

Hours after Cape Town and its surrounding areas reported an earthquake registering a preliminary 2.5 on the local magnitude scale, a second tremor has hit Durbanville.

According to The Council for Geoscience (CGS), the area in the Northern suburbs recorded a lesser tremor measuring 2.3 magnitude. It occurred at 9:12am on Sunday morning.

The epicentre occurred 5-6km North of Durbanville, said CGS spokesperson Mahlatse Mononela.

Event details according to CGS website:

Time :2020-09-27 09:12:54

Magnitude :2.3

Magnitude Type:M

Latitude :-33.7794

Longitude :18.6442

Latitude Uncertainty :5.8 km

Longitude Uncertainty :14.8 km

However, the earthquake felt in Cape Town and surrounding areas in the Western Cape shortly after 8.30pm on Saturday night was unrelated to the strong magnitude 6.2 earthquake about 1600km offshore of South Africa a short while earlier, said CGS.

“It does not seem to be related to the earthquake that occurred at 19:10 [7.10pm] off the coast of South Africa.

“Furthermore, there has been no tsunami warning issued by the Indian Ocean warning system, and it is on this basis that the CGS would like to assure the South African public that there is no imminent threat to the affected area, [as] such no cause for panic,” the council statement said.

This is a developing story…

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