Linux for Windows Users *EDIT*


So, here I have a new Linux distro for y’all. Supposed to look and operate like Win10, for whatever reasons. Maybe to make the switchover easy and painless for the last couple of holdouts? To make it easier for us Linux evangelists to lure you to the sexy side?

We’re talking about LinuxFX!

Whatever, this operating system exists. It’s not the first approach and probably won’t be the last. But if it helps and you peeps are so easy to trick into a new system, the better for humanity. πŸ™‚ Anyway, when I left the Microsoft realm, Windows 7 was still the thing, not even a hunch of Win8, and Win10 was unthinkable SciFi. So I have no idea how closely LinuxFX mimics the big Microsoft product. Neiher in looks, nor in operation. That’s for you to decide. Your homework for today: Install LinuxFX on your spare computer, play with it, work with it, game on it, and then report back. Can you do that, please?

To give you an idea about what beast we’re talking here, I did a thorough 10 minutes test:

That looks like Win10? Wallpaper looks nice, desktop reminds me on Mate and Cinnamon and Xfce.
Whoa, that menu looks huge. LinuxFX seems to be a complete distro.
Chrome, really? I know Firefox is at a lowpoint right now but that’s no reason to team up with Google, ffs!
Typical Chrome: first thing you see is advertising. Welcome to your Windows look and feel. πŸ™‚
They stole this stuff from Linux Mint: Backups and other chaperone shit. :/ Feeling at home now in your Windows clone?
No idea if Windows let’s you see how bloated your system processes are? But make no mistake, this is Linux and we see everything we wanna see! πŸ™‚
A pretty softwareshop so you can acquire more bloat. πŸ™‚
Since this is Linux Mint we find a preinstalled Warpinator, which I use to send all those screenshots over to GagaMore. Can your Windows do that?
“Word”? Like MS Word? I don’t believe that but if you people need that little white lie to feel more homely in LinuxFX, so be it. 😐
Helloa is some kind of Cortana clone. Enough reason for me to end my test here and now! 😐

Ok, some things to clarify:

LinuxFX is 100% Linux distro, based on Linux Mint Debian Edition, LMDE. That’s a good thing, fantastic even. It’s just made to look like Windows 10, in order to to make it easier for n00bs. That’s all. It can’t and won’t be 100% Windows compatible. You don’t want Microsoft compability, Remember you wanna switch to Linux, just need a little bit of familiarity.

For me, and most probably a majority of old penguins, this distro is too huge and full of bloat. But if it helps you to get around better, I’m happy for you and the LinuxFX devs.

Please check LinuxFX out and let your fellow blog readers know how you hated it!


Chris Titus made a video of a slightly older or newer version that is called WindowsFX:

It’s all proper weird, no?

And friend Teklek made not one, but two videos about this curious Windoes clone:


  1. Not turned on my windows machine in weeks, bet it takes hours to update. I just can’t be assed to distro hop currently. I’m trying out software, there’s so much cool free stuff.

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    • “I just can’t be assed to distro hop currently.”

      And why would you Neil? Why should you? You’re on Mint, right? Since years and years in the Top 3. Sooo?

      Like you do, testing out various softwares, is much more interesting than hopping from one Ubu/Deb/Arch to the next nearly identical one. In the beginning Distro hopping is good and makes sense. We need to get a feel for what is the best desktop for us personally and what base distro is running best on our hardware.

      Once we’ve figured that out why bother with more hopping?

      I do admittedly test quite a bit. But never in depth and mostly because I have unoccupied computers and a blog to fill. I don’t test because I need a new distro for myself.

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