1. Africa has the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Mother of All Ridges??) to the west, the Central Indian Ridge to the east, and the Southwest Indian Ridge to the south. Mid-ocean ridges have a violent history and are considered to be major earthquake zones. 50 year cycles?

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    • Yes, indeed, dear Anon. Look:

      “According to official US earthquake websites, the quake occurred at 7.10pm at a depth of about 10km and about 1600km offshore, on the South-west Indian Ridge. No tsunami was expected.”
      And 50-year cycle … I guess the last big earthquke here at the cape happened in 1968. Far as I know some houses came tumbling down and I guess they even had some fatalities. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      So should we worry now?


      • Quakes are ground shifts, so can naturally trigger quakes on other faults.

        I’m sorry for the loss of life.

        We’re something like 100yrs overdue for an every hundred yeats quake so…. maybe prep but never worry, cause worry doesn’t change a thing.

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        • Oh, the loss of life happend in 1968, not this time around. It was just a loud rumble. But you’re right. You can’t prepare for things like this, so why worry?


          • I prefer them to hurricanes and the like. Others prefer to see what’s coming. I prefer the surprise, plus they’re over really fast!

            We had a weird earthquake last week. Only 4.6 but felt MUCH larger (7+). It’s the first time, ever, that I had cups fall and break.

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            • I find earthquakes spooky. Hurricans are just weather, speedy air, mundane stuff. Earthquakes … one never knows what alien power from the hot hot dephts of our earth (hell?) is behind eathquakes. Ooooh… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


              • WHO says masks can protect you from earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, rape, chemical warfare attacks, biological warfare attacks, Germans, and Covid-19.

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                • “WHO says masks can protect you from earthquakes”


                  Divers’ respiratory masks do indeed.

                  Nhn. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

                  Ugly enough mask could protect you from rape.

                  “chemical warfare attacks”
                  Gasmasks can and will protect you.

                  “biological warfare attacks”
                  That’s so SciFi, nothing helps.

                  Only Russians protect you from Germans.

                  “and Covid-19.”
                  Yes, indeed! Certain masks help against the spread of Covid-19.

                  Can I help you with something else, dear Anon?

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