O@tNetflix: A Feminist Manifesto

Good morning my beautiful babies, you won’t believe what happened to me. Watched the latest Netflix crapola flick Enola Holmes, wrote a quite elaborate review about this shit piece of cow dung, decorated it with photos, added a bad YouTube review by Grace Randolph (stupid moo loved it) and then, after about 4 hours of concentrated labour, hit the Publish button and …


The whole caboodle was gone. Disappeared from my computer. I mean WordPress doesn’t fuk up very often but when it does it’s always Oy Vey! Do I feel like rewriting the whole thing, all my fine reasonings and culture critcisms? Do I wanna relive my political anger at the umpteenth wave feminists?

Naaw, they can fuk off with or without my movie review, the film won’t get better by them reading my blawg.

Oh, did I already mention that Enola Holmes is as crappy as they come. Looks pretty, nice production value, pretty good acting by the Stranger Things girl and all around but story is weak, no suspense, no real sleuthing by the youngest Holmes.

And it gets really really so bad that each and every female character has to make kinda mission statement before doing anything, and Millie Bobby’s permanent breaking of the fourth wall is sawing on our nerves after a short while already. I know this Flick was made for teens and young adults but even they can’t be so stupid that every little shit must be explainified for them. Or does it?

Anyhoo: Crappy crapflik, don’t watch!



    • Thx Renard. Didn’t it just come out yesterday?
      I dunno how such streaming services work and how long a show will be available, but Enola Holmes is hot right now. Still no reason to watch it. πŸ˜‰
      But maybe you know what went wrong with WP this time? Destroing my labour of 4 hours is unacceptable! I should charge Automattic for every wasted minute.

      And just a minute ago I encountered the next catastrophal error, the screenshot I made from another website, a PNG file, won’t show on my frontpage. 😦

      I guess it’s about time to look for an alternative … but seriously this time. And I mean it!

      WP is so laggy, has terrible workflow, doesn’t do as expected half of the time …

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      • πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ I honestly do not know the reason why WordPress is misbehaving today. It could be a case of the Happiness Engineers doing upgrades.

        Looking for an alternative is not a bad idea. However, WordPress is blessed with a fine blogging community.

        By the way, you were going to test out QuickPublisher and write a review on it. Is that plan still on your list-to-do things?

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  1. I tend to hit ‘Save Draft’ periodically if I’m writing a long-ass post, that way if WordPress has a hiccup I should still have a recent draft to go back to.

    The only things that stand out for me on that film poster are Henry Cavill’s chiselled features and Helena Bonham-Carter’s mad hair.

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      • And I’d loved to publish my longform review, Becca. For a change I was almost sufficiently verbose in that article. Alas it wasn’t supposed to be. 😦 I noticed I’d never been able to express it in the same way again.


    • Spif, longtime experience shows me periodically saving isn’t necessary as the draft saves itself. It’s astonishing how much of a draft gets saved if and when anything bad happens. Mostly all the latest changes and corrections are there.
      Not so in the latest case of WP fukky uppy. 😦


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