Nuclear Suicide

Suicide pact: You first!

Very interesting article by one of our own …

The world labors on the misguided belief that the United States is a rational actor, and therefore not prone to the kind of irrational actions which would lead to a world-ending general nuclear exchange. But the available facts do not support such a conclusion. The casual manner in which the United States has shed itself of the encumbrance of binding nuclear arms control treaties and agreements while simultaneously engaging in a nuclear arms race where the weapons being procured are seen as a viable component of American military power projection suggests that the United States was custom cast as Aesopā€™s scorpion.

Mr. Ritter errs in this point. In Asia, where the majority of the world population lives, nobody thinks the USA is acting even halfways rational. I guess not even in the West you will find too many brainwashed America fans. It’s just our gov’mts and Atlantic Bridge organisations.

I’ve even heard that in Germany 68% of the voters would vote for Putin if they could. That’s a figure our own polit clowns can only dream about.

Apart from that little nitpick it’s a very interesting short article by a highly informed intelligence officer. Suggested read.


  1. Sadly, Britain has been kissing the USA’s ass for going on 40 years or more, or rather our governments have been. All that has changed is that more and more of the populace have twigged that the ‘special relationship’ doesn’t include them. And that figure jumped in 2003 when Blair and Bush teamed up to invade Iraq, will of the people be damned. All that has changed with Trump is that the crazy has reached all levels of the administration.

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