Second Try


Not even on a freshly started computer with no other software running, Oh won’t rez properly …
… while Orca herself, in her oldschool system avie, rezzes in all her glory!

What does that tell us? The sceptics are right: Mesh/bento shit is wasteful on system resources, makes you laggy and is not good for action avies.

I guess I’m gonna stay true to myself for a while, or until they figured out how to make beautiful avies that won’t kill your performance.


  1. There is always a delay for me between logging into Second Life and my avatar appearing in full. I’ve pared down my avatar setup as much as I can, and also pruned my inventory a fair bit, so it’s better than it used to be. Of course, the state of the simulator in the region you’re logging into has an impact as well. And truthfully, you don’t *need* to use mesh to have a great-looking avi β€” good skin and hair does wonders. I’m sticking with mesh because I just haven’t been able to get the appearance I want from the system avatar, plus I wouldn’t be able to put on body shine. But if you’re doing role-play or sports activity, yeah system avis are the way to go.

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    • The delay you mention, yes, I know it from earlier times and bad computers. For example on this Lenovo it often takes one or two seconds before Orca appears out of the cloud. But 10 minutes and longer? I logged Oh in on a skyplat 3000 meters above an empty Triumphal, so optimal circumstances and no excuse for her not to rezz. Weirdly though, on the day I unpacked the mesh avie it showed nicely. Maybe because I put it on piece by piece?

      And when I TPd Orca to the skyplat, she survived unharmed. So there’s nothing wrong with the simulator either.


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