\o/ Unstoppable EndeavourOS! \o/

Fuking YAY!

Please, boiz n gurlz, excuse my childish squeal of glee but for me as a fangrrl it’s a pure joy witnessing EOS’s unstoppable rise up DistroWatch’s Tops of the Pops chart.

Have a gander:

But Orca, I can hear you say, #15 to #14, this is only one little step up, only one position more. This doesn’t look like a triumphant marsh at all.

And to all you negative naggers I say Fuk the Shut Up! In the Linux world this is like a sprint down the homestretch!

Didn’t you notice we just passed our father, the majestic and all-important Arch Linux himfuknself? And don’t you see that we step up, like, every other day, not with weeks and months between changing positions, but in an almost fluent motion? And let’s not forget we are now the second-most beloved Arch distro, after Manjaro, which is definately not as good as EOS! Definately!

If this motion goes on like now – and why shouldn’t it? – we’ll break into the Top10 sometime in November, getting into striking distance with the Big 5 by December.

Teehee, EndeavourOS on #1 would make a nice xmas prezzie, no?

It’s an Endeavour! Thank you Mom!!!


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