Last Chance for Deepin

Oh my. :/

You might know that Orca is a huge fan of China and the Chinese people and even supports some of their more drastic measures when it’s about governing their gigantic country with its even more gigantic population. It obviously doesn’t work without a certain level of policing and forced discipline.

However, not all of the Chinese policies might appeal to other countries and other cultures. Remember how I scorned Ubuntu-derived Linux distro Deepin for introducing an EULA the users had to agree to before installing the system on their computers? My recommendation, quite logically was: Don’t use!

But stop! Before you go on a highly political tangent now, please remember you have to sign the same or similar EULA when installing Windows or just about any Microsoft software, or Apple or other commercial programs by any western software houses. So calm your horses, and let’s all agree on the simple thing: EULA aren’t nice, but often infringing onto our human and consumer rights.

We don’t want that shit! Simples.

Fortunately there is this Linux thing Orca is always propagating in this blog, which is totally free of any EULA and has the mostest freeest Licence ever. You don’t register, you don’t sign anything, you just do you. So it appears as weird and strange and un-Linuxy that one of the many Ubuntu spin-offs wants us to agree to their EULA with our express consent. And that’s why I broke up my last test of Deepin and recommended you not to use it neither.

But now, just recently Deepin switched from meh Ubuntu to the mighty grandaddy Debian as base-system and made it’s gorgeous looking desktop even prettier. Brother Ankush of It’s FOSS is over the moon with this distro:

Pff, stupid Indian doesn’t even mention the EULA. So maybe … can it be that …

Let’s try and give Deepin a fair fighting chance: So downloading the ISO, putting it on USB and loading it up on Gaga and …

Deepin waiting for installation, on right side screen.

Okay, they wanna know my prefered language, just like any other distro. I klikker on Deutsch and see a little box with 2 buttons low on the screen. What might that be?

No! No! No! Nooooooooo…

Fuk no!

Let Ankush drool over Deepin’s beauty, for good democratic people that’s a too steep price to pay! Swap my human dignity for a pretty desktop? No, nay, never.

But you’ll still have a chance to work on Deepin’s very own – and oh so pretty – desktop. Other distros whom ship with Deepin are for example EndeavourOS, Archman, RebornOS, Fedora and Manjaro. I doubt they’ll be as pretty and polished as on the Deepin distro itself. But still, if you wanna try it, there are some options for you.


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