Didn’t post anything yesterday. Coz was bizzy. Panelbeater called and took me to his workshop for a last inspection and correctifications n stuffz. And they took their time …
Then I got into the mother of all traffic jams …
… which gave me time to do some street photography. 😉
When the natives are unhappy, bus stops will burn … and rebuilt … and burned down again …
Looks legit. Will have some EndeavourOS t-shirts printed at Fiixa.
African taxi on suicide mission.
African biznizmen on a moneymaking mission.
Pheew, finally at the goal of my mission, getting “food” for hubs n me.


  1. Hey! 🙂
    My drive was from Montague Gardens (industrial area) up to Dunoon (township) and into Parklands (greater Blaauwberg area). Not a long drive, as everything is inside of 10 minutes from our house but unfortunately I was caught up in the rush hour traffic.


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