Endeavour Newness

Call me crazy – and you might be right about that – but I’m really so in love with that specific operating system I must tell you guys everything I know about it. Which isn’t much at all. But what I just found out is that a new snapshot came out just today, 23.09.2020:

And, same disclaimer as always: If you’re new to the Linux world, just doing your first babysteps in Mint, then No!, this distro ain’t for you. EndevourOS (friends shorten it lovingly to EOS) is an Arch installer, that results in a maintenance-heavy system for active users. If you’re one of those Install ‘n Forget types, you better stick with your Ubuntu/Debian based distros.

The rest of you awesome peepelz, the ones who always wanted to stick their noses into the Arch grinder, there ain’t a better way than going the EOS route. Or, if you’re a bit squeamish, try Manjaro. But be warned, Manjaro ain’t the real Arch.

So, if you think you’re ready for the endeavour into Endeavour – don’t delay, download and install today!


PS: And also as always, if you’re doing it, please let your fellow bloggies know about it. Send a little report with screenshots to the editeuse and telll us gow it went for yous. Thkyvm.


  1. Today EOS is right above Vanilla Arch in distrowatch ranking 🙂 Btw, do you know Arco Linux ? I’m asking cause it might be something you wanna talk about here, since Arco Linux focuses a lot on acquiring new Linux skills (with tutorials and all). It can be enriching for intermediate users I suppose. I’ve never run it myself but I figured you may be interested.

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