Prison: Day 180

Guten Morgen piepelz of the planetary komputah webz,

concerning news I just readered:

Can’t they read some bad but simple numbers

So, we’re on Level1, ya? That means we’re almost back to bizniz as usual. And that despite climbing numbers of infections and deaths. When politicians are trying to run a country … oh my. 😦

While otoh they are still acting as if we’re in a pandemic!

It baffles me to what lenghts people are willing to go, even into light crime, just in order to illegally munch on fukn American fastfood! FFS!!! 😮

Perfect timing to go to Level 1!

Thank you, I’m doing good. I hope you’re well and healthy, too.

In not so exciting or dramatic news your editrix is grounded again, Oubaas at the panelbeaters, no idea for how long this time. And what they’re gonna destroy while fixing their old mistakes. 😐

12.09.19: Better times on my Grand Tour around the grid.

Oh, and it’s Monday, so I’m gonna call my computer repair lady and ask her if Minimax is still somewhere on her workbench. I kinda miss that old machine coz I wanna go sailing in Second Life.

Minimax’s fuked up motherboard. 😦

That’s my personal diary for today, cya laterz


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