‘hoy N00bs!

Hey you, yes you! Fukn stupid n00bie! Listen up and watchy dis vid:

You voted and now we’re counting them down! JC’s Top 5 Linux Myths.

Intro: 0:00

No.5 Linux is hard to install: 3:54

No.4 Linux isn’t secure: 10:07

No. 3 Linux doesn’t have good support: 16:08

No. 2 Linux doesn’t have good software: 21:02

No. 1 Linux is for just nerds and computer science grads: 27:31

Check out https://www.ezeelinux.com for more about Linux. Please join the discussion at EzeeTalk.

https://www.ezeelinux.com/talk/ It’s free, secure and fun!

Oh, yes, sorry, me forgotz to mention it’s about Linux. Should’ve told you right away, sorry again.

Anyhoo, it’s an easy to grasp video with a lot of common wisdom, told to us by Joe Collins, who could as well read from the telephone book and I would still listen to his lively but soothing narration. Back on topic now, Joe made another video for abso n00bs, just to take the fear from them, to educate them not about the finer points of Linux, the operating system, but about some of the Linux myths and prejudices and bias about and against Linux.

It’s a video more or less about you not falling for the know-it-alls, the negative naysayers, the antigandists and their mostly wrong contra-Linux reasonings. It’s also about what to avoid, what to expect and with what mindset to start.

Advanced Limux users might listen as well. Or at least open the video and leave a thumby uppy!

Let Orca chime in with some short truthinesses about Linux. Don’t try to argue with me, I’ve been there and done everything I’m talking about. Same as Joe. We’re not making any outworldly claims, just telling you how it is.

  • Linux isn’t complicated, it’s just different. And once ou got that, it’s much more easier than Windows.
  • Everything, from installation up to the most complicated tasks, can be done by point and click!
  • Dual Boot is bad for you!
  • Get a cheap laptop and dedicate that to Linux.
  • Don’t start with cryptic, geekish shit. Even if Orca can’t stop gushing about it. Just use Linux Mint. Discussion is over!

And now … go forth and finally install Linux Mint on some phüked up lappy, and instantaniously become a better, more well-rounded human being!

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