EndeavourOS: September Release and ARM


Super duper fresh release of the super duper most freshest Arch Linux OS on the planet was released just yesterday. As usual with Linux devs they claim this new snapshot was made betterer in various aspects. I just test-installed it on Gaga and can confirm it’s true: Installation went very smoothly (the installer accepted that my language is German but still found my location South Africa automatically without me having to change anything manually) and sufficiently fast. I guess if you were on the brink of maybe trying something different from the same old Minty goodness, this is the perfect opportunity now to start this new Endeavour in your Linux life. 🙂

The lame standard desktop wallpaper for endeavouros-2020.09.19-x86_64.iso

What else is new? Like some other Linux distros Endeavour, too, comes with a special version for the ARM processor architecture. With this ARM of Endeavour you can power machines like the cool – and cheap – Pinebook Pro. Not only will this give you a super duper easy peasy entry into the world of Linux, but also into the world of Archy Linuxes but you’ll be part of a special geek squad of users on ARM machines. And all that without having to be any more geeky than you already are anyway. 😉 And by reading Orca her blog you’re already on a very high level of geekdom, no?

Take a gander:

Pinebook Pro ships with Manjaro ARM preinstalled, which is nice enough. As we’ve just learned you may put Endeavour in it for advanced coolness. 🙂

Yummy 14″ antiglare full HD screen, aluminum chassis, pretty high coolness factor. This is a really nifty little machine for 199 Amerikanski Woolongs.


    • Exactly. And even better and more consequential than Manjaro, Namib and Archman. And it’s completely free of any bloat.
      I’ll stick with EOS a long time!!!
      But why “loved”? Don’t use it anymore?


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