EndeavourOS Merchandise

Hulloh frenly peepelz! 😉

As you might know EndeavourOS is a fairly young Linux distro from the Arch family. They just had their first anniversary but already got a huge community and installation base. So I guess it’s understandable they don’t have a shop for official merchandise yet.

But the need is there and discussed in forum. And now as the first item the EOS devs are going to sell is this sticker:

Yes I know, and I’d prefered a Tshirt too. But obviously enough of my fellow Endeavourians wanted a little sticker. This goes on your laptop where usually the Windows and Intel stickies are. And cost only 2 woolongs a piece. And it’s for a good cause since EOS is truly a great distro and deserves our support. So, as soon as they come up with a cool clothes line Imma gonna buy some Tees. And a fleece jacket. Or a nice little pouch for my lappy or a coffee mug for hubby.

But look, I’m supporting Endeavour already … on the race courses of Second Life:

My new Bandit 22 LTE race boat in full EOS giddy-up

Now I just need my good racing computer back from the repair shop … :/


    • Really? I always wondered who are these people who put advertisement for big industry giants on their computers. Now I know. 🙂

      With me it’s the other way round. I peel them off as soon as I unpack a computer. And nowadays it’s really easy, since all the hand sanitizer is like 70% isopropyl alcohol. Perfect for looseining the glue. 😉


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