Beelink Micro PC – Good Linux Box?

Rob’s telling us about one of the many many Chinese micro PCs and what nifty Linux boxes they make:

Not great, of course not, but a very nifty Linux tester and office worker.

I purchased the Beelink micro PC about two months ago. This video is my take on using it as a Linux box. Hope this video is helpful if you have been in the market. Website:… Do your own Amazon search or here is a quick link if you are interested.…

As a long term TSB! reader you know by now that these Intel NUC clones come in similar quality and various equipments from a diversity of hardware assemblers in Hong Kong’s neighbour town of Shenzhen. 😉 So let’s not get into the technical details as they are changing and improving with the seasons. And you know once some American consumer vlogs about his machine on YT, Beelink are already putting new machines out on the market.

Anyhoo, as always, ppl if you don’t have a thriftstore at the next corner (maybe there are no corners where you live) and don’t trust in Gumtree, Craigslist or eBay for some reason or another get such a kewl Beelink completely legit and with warranty directly from Amazon.

I wish you happy Linuxing. 😉

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