\o/ YAY! EndeavourOS \o/

Row, row, row your distro, gently up the stream …

Yes, my frens, Linux family and Archy squeezes, Endeavour made another giant step towards the top of the pops. Our humble but great Arch derivative went from #17 all the long way up to #16!

Of course we can’t compare that to high-fliers such as MX or Manjaro who both stormed up the charts in breakneck speed, but it’s not necessary. The positions in the DW charts aren’t a mirror of the factually installed versions but just an indicator which websites were clicked upon most often in the last 6 months. Maybe Endeavour’s small advancement is due to internal problems in the Manjaro dev team … yes, I know it is. But it’s also a sign of cream rising to the top. And Endeavour’s cream rises slowly but will stay on top much longer once they’ve made it. 🙂 Unlike Manjaro’s always fluctuating status. Don’t wanna talk bad about Manjaro, which is a great great distro in its own right but it often reminds me of Kylo Ren’s unsteady flickering light saber.

Anyway, next milestone will be when we overtake our honoured ancestor vanilla Arch, which is – with a slight downwards tendency – in immediate striking distance now. 🙂

You’ll be next, grandpa!

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