Real footage of San Francisco set to the Blade Runner 2049 theme

Spooky, dystopian, San Francisco. 😮

As posted by Terry Tsai: “SF drone footage during the #BayAreaFires on 9/9/20, set to Blade Runner 2049 music.”

Horrifying footage (originally posted by DrSbaitso) made beatiful—at least until the video ends and one goes back to the reality of choking clouds of smoke covering the western seaboard as fires rage inland.


  1. As I commented somewhere: I’ve long thought about sea rise destroying most of the area where I live (SoCal) but hadn’t considered extreme heat and it’s consequences.

    The SoCal sky is back to white/grey smoke today (we did the orange thing last evening as NorCal smoke made it this far), and predictions are for it to clear tomorrow, but today’s the first time everything – even inside my house – smells like smoke. I’ve been coughing since last night.

    Beautiful use of the Bladerunner 2049 music.

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