More Avo Adventures

Don’t get me wrong, please, I don’t carry enough housewifey genes in me to call anything happening in the kitchen, the house or garden, or the greater confines of the city and suburbia an adventure. But let’s just assume I’m one of those static blogger babes and not just a wayfaring blogger bitch and see the latest breakfast creation of mine as an adventure.

Here, this one:

How might they call this in the gastro scene? Poached egg on a bed of avocado and silverside, served in a mildly roasted pita bread or sumsuch nonsense?

Well, in Orca’s kitchen we call it loveless breakfast or short: Shit on a shingle. 🙂


    • Sammel! Whyyyyyy??? Don’t you love my latest avocado creation?

      But you’re right not to love it, because in my excitement and creative outburst I completely forgot to make the avo any tasty by adding some spices to it. 😮 No salt, no pepper, no nothing. Had to do with the salt in the egg and slightly spiced silverside. :/ Was very soberly tasting. 😦


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