Linus and Greg are Busy Men

Greg Kroah-Hartman when not busy coding the Linux kernel.

… and obviously in full control of everything Linux kernel-ish after the attempted palace revolt a couple years back. Updates for the Linux kernel are rolling in like clockwork, delivering the goods. Also and even to Orca who sits here at a beach at the absolute arse end of the world.


My terminal shows I’m running on Kernel 5.8.7, the paket updater has just come up with 5.8.8. With one-click into the top-right button “Install Upgrades” I start the operation. Pheeew, Arch sytsem maintenance is so ultra-hard and complicated.
Since a Kernel update is indeed a huge thing we gotta restart the computer after the automated installaton, which took us not even 2 minutes. And after restart and a query it shows us the new Kernel did install without any hiccups. As always the Ubuntu/Mint crowd will get those newer kernels in a couple weeks/months time, or only with the next version. Doesn’t matter, we bold heroes of Arch will do the testing for you. 🙂

Ppl, don’t ask me what the new Kernel is good for, what changes were made, if my personal computer needs the update to be happy, or anything at all. As long as Linus Torvalds, the man, is boss of the Kernel group and Greg Kroah-Hartman is his deputy, the Linux world is in the best hands and we can compute in peace and security.

Greg holds the water (whiskey) to Linus. A strong virtue signal. 🙂

And Microsoft is even happily paying for our escape from Microsoft. 🙂

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