Old Rusty Oubaas is a Vangelina Now

So zeckzy! 🙂

I’m kinda happy with how it turned out. The creme is as white as I wanted and the sky blue is not too pale but still nice and strong. How you like the black accents?
Still some unclean details and the whole sexy body needs to be polished …
… and some sheets aren’t perfectly fitted yet.
Job will supposedly be done on Saturday. I have my doubts …

And no, this grumpy old man will never be a sexy Vangelina. He’s not the disco queen type but the blue collar worker. And I love him to bits. I just hope he won’t make my @$$ look fat. 😐


    • Thank you Becca. Ya, I guess my “design” is unusally tasteful, and the spraypainter’s handiwork not as bad as I feared. They covered up the areas where the portholes were quite nicely. It’s totally invisible now.

      We’ll see in about a month’s time if and where all the rusty bubbles pop up again. Particularly around the front wind screen, which they didn’t take out but worked around. :/ Oh, and the sunroofs are very very critical. But I’ve just gotta trust the spraypainter with that part. I told him already when I get wet during the next torrential rain I’m gonna take the whole van and hit him over the head with it! Ouch ouch! 😐


    • One and the same. I was quite astonished when I saw it. Was too funny. Spraypainter came to our place since I complained about dead battery and curtesy car not starting. Well, he couldn’t do anything neither, but he took me to his workshop, telling me he didn’t get far in the last couple days, but I could take some photos of the “small stuff” he’d done.

      And then we rolled onto the yard … 😮 🙂


  1. That looks amazing. They need to put the front number plate on straight. The red ford sticker, I would remove and add a black top tint to the windscreen. Lol listen to me. Your van looks awesome.

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    • The front number plate is a fukn plastic part, broke on one side and only held together by goodwill and some sticky tape. My first stop on the way home will be at a numberplate place, where I will exchange the much too modern white plastic plates for a pair of oldfashioned yellow metal ones. I like the combo blue/yellow, and Oubaas is old enough to drive legally on yellow plates.

      And the location directly on the bumper is kinda wrong anyway. There is a plate holder directly below the bumper, no idea why nobody’s using it. Of course you need to get on your knees to find it and Africans are too lazy to do that. So they screw the plates directly onto the bumper … and fuk the style. 😐

      And, yes, the FORD sign needs to go and will be replaced by a top tint. I’m thinking green or brown, coz my sunroofs have brown tint. Thinking about tinting all the windows anyway.

      LOL, hubby was relieved to see his disabled parking permission still on the sunvizor. He was afraid one of the workers might have stolen it.


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