Windows Users Need To Install These Programs IMMEDIATELY!

We all know and understand, some of you guys are too lazy, cowardish, lame and generally crappy people. And that’s ok and nobody’s business but yours, and yours alone. Go on, fuk yourself in the @$$ and use Windows, and then let Microsoft fuk you in the @$$ instead. It’s cool, it’s convenient, it’s a real service. Getting arseraped does feel good, no?

But please, just have a looksee at Derek’s video and see how you can become at least a little bit more free and self-determined. And it doesn’t need long. Just a couple minutes of your obviously not too precious time to turn your run of the mill Windoze into a proud “expert” system.

That wasn’t too bad, no? Didn’t hurt at all. No problem, barely an inconvenience. πŸ˜‰


      • I use both, for different purposes. =D But VLC, I cannot say enough about. Does anyone remember the dreaded CODEC packs you used to have to download for media player to play like .avi movies, etc. Then VLC came out, no codecs, hell it would even play a damaged, half downloaded movie. Not counting the fact that you can record, re-stream, etc. However I would def say that OSB Studio is much better for recording/streaming than VLC. Cheers.

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        • VLC gives us some grief since 1 or 4 years. Back in the good old times, when you clicked the screen underneath the movie you got the timeline and could jump back a bit or just look how long the runtime is. And go like “Fukn Holllywood! 15 minutes end titles and 3 appetizer scenes! Are they krayzee?”

          Nowadays it just pops up for a split second and you gotta use the menu. Anyhoo, still the bestest, most tolerant media player.


        • It’s possible AND very likely that I was sarcastic in my comment. πŸ™‚ I know that 97% of my readers are on Windows. No, maybe 96% since this is a Linux-friendly blawg. πŸ˜‰

          And when I state the BTW quote it’s not supposed to be funny but just stating the truth and sawing at my readers’ nerves. One could think I’m trying to alienate my readership on purpose. And alienating the Arch crowd at the same time since I’ve never used the pure vanilla Arch but only Manjaro, Namib, Archman, and now Endeavour. And pure Arch users don’t regard ppl like me as real Arch users.

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