Lenovo wants a Duel with Dell

Wot? Why? What’s Orca babbling about?

Easy peasy my dear frens. You know our great poobah Linus Torvalds develops the Linux kernel on Dell XPS 13 laptops, right? Everybody knows that and everybody knows why. Because these things are nifty, strong, fast, unkaputtable and have very good keyboards. Just what a code god needs.

Dell XPS13

And the good Linus gets his salary check from RedHat Enterprise Linux, logically he’s using their community-driven testing environment Fedora. I mean not that it makes much of a difference. Devs like Linus spend 99% of their time in Terminal, in some Text Editor. And that’s not bad for anybody. But Linus’ choice of hardware obviously left a bad taste in Lenovo’s mouth. When it’s about professional usage they are The Supplier. Dell and HP are far behind Lenovo. So of course Lenovo can’t have it that the most professional Linux user on the planet develops the bestest computer system on hardware by some competitor.

Orca’s theory: By selling ThinkPads with preinstalled Fedora, Lenovo throws the gauntlet at Dell. Now let’s see how long it takes before Linus magicks his code on Lenny laptops. 🙂

The Great Leader Linus Torvalds

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