The Pinebook Pro Is The Affordable Linux Laptop We’ve Been Waiting For

Well, ok, no, not me. I’ve not been waiting for a cheapo brand new Linux machine fresh outta the box. But I guess many if not most of you wannabe convertees would be happy to get a brandspanking new laptop with preinstalled Linux on it. Just plug in and start enjoying your new system. Makes real sense.

And a price of 200 woolongs makes it a really worthwile experience.

Okay, let’s see what Derek’s first impressions of this nifty little Pinebook was:

As he told us, this Pinebook is equipped with a rather weaklish ARM processor and comes preinstalled with Manjaro, either KDE or Xfce versions. Perfect. No problem, I consider Manjaro beginner-friendly … and they made a special ARM version of their distro. That might maybe turn out to be a problem if you wanna install other Linux distros or give up on the Linux shit and install Windows on it. Pinebook might be too slow to get it running to your full satisfaction.

But we don’t care about idiots who are still on Windows, do we? If they wanna stay in hell … their problem, not yours.

But, hey, if you’re seriously thinking about dipping your feet in the nice, warm Linux water, and don’t have an old lappy sitting in the attic but 200 woolongs to spend, then this is a really good offer. New, with warrantee! Plug in and go! Like a Chromebook but with freedom and no spying. And once you are finished playing with it your teenager will gladly take this sexy thing off of you and become the envy of the whole class.

What else could you/they possibly want?


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