30 things to do After Installing Manjaro XFCE (2020)

Mörning my strange fraggles,

any of you broke free off Mint’s superior mediocrity and already dabbling in the warm and soft beginner-friendly ArchLinux distro Manjaro? You admirable explorers! Because if you made the switch from Mint to Manjaro here are some things recommended for you to do after installation. Some good and clever and kinda must-do procedures but also many nonsensical shit.

And let’s not forget, ALU made the video for Manjaro’s standard desktop environment Xfce. I assume most of you are on the much nicer Cinnamon, so many of his tips and tricks are working slightly different on your system. Please keep that in mind. My hubby worked all through it today, on his Manjaro/Mate system, and is kinda pleased with what he achieved. So I guess we can recommend you watch the video … and act on it!

And oh, many of the things to do will also work in Mint or any other Linux distro, and I guess ALU already made similar vids for other distros and other desktops as well.

Most my readers will think now, how come Orca recommends Manjaro in the first place? Wasn’t she always on the more-true-to-vanilla Arch derivatives?

Yes, I was. And still am. But none of the more Arch-original distros comes with so much eye-candy and usefull extras, non eof them are as fun to operate. Actually when you come from Mint, Manjaro is the most logical step up, into the Archyverse.

EDIT: Here are 5 more things to do:


  1. Good news from here on my Mac — I successfully got Manjaro Cinnamon installed into a virtual machine, and have Steam up and running! No idea how well games will work, but I reckon with some tweaking and customization I should get decent performance, certainly can’t be worse than when I was trying the same thing in a Windows 10 VM. 😛 I’ll keep Mint 20 around, but use that for web dev work and other stuff where a stable environment is preferred.

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    • Kewl! Congratz on installing Manjo on a Mac, Spiffy. With gaming I don’t think it’ll be too good. Mac hardware was never made for gaming and the OS is neither. I wouldn’t expect the best graphics ever. But it won’t be worse than in Win VM and MacOS.

      Aaaand Manjaro can be stable, and usually is. At least in its original form. With community desktops like Mate and Cinnamon obviously a little less. But have you noticed you can install LTS kernels, and go a very conservative update path. It’ll never be as slow as Debian based Linux but very very stable.

      And now, most important: Did you make a photo? No screenshot but a photo of a Mac with Linux running on it. That’d be great!



      • To be honest, my days of FPS and RPG are way behind me, so I’ll be happy enough if I can play some less demanding games. 🙂 I did try to install of Manjaro onto my external SSD, but it kept borking at the point where it attempted to format the disk space. 😦

        I’ve also got a third virtual machine running a copy of my current macOS Mojave, and I might try running Steam in there to see how it performs. Admittedly, it’ll only be a subset of my Steam library, but at least I know they’ll run. And that gives me some respite for any apps I use that get broken by future versions of macOS.

        Yes, I’ll take a photo. 🙂

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