Prison: Day 164

Mörning Invincibles!

Your editrix is tired and unmotivated. That’s why you don’t see many posts in my bloggy right now. It’s not like I wouldn’t have anything to post about, quite the contrary, but I just don’t bring it over me to actually get to work. Instead of typing out at least a dozen of movie reviews and countless Second Life stories, boat tests, races, all that good stuff, I prefer to just sit here and watch YouTube videos like a fukn dummy. :/

At least I thought I should give you an update about how stuff is here, with Covid and Oubaas and the pretty bad weather n stuff. Well, the courtesy car won’t start. Battery dead, bonnet won’t open so I can’t take the battery out to charge. Panelbeater promised to come around today or tomorrow or some time and fix everyhing. Ya, ya, fix it as good as the last times?

So I don’t know how far the work on Oubaas has progressed by now and if I missed some important step to show you. Not good. Not good at all. Fukka obviously doesn’t know that I have a blog to fill with petty pictures. 😐

Anyhoo, what was the Prison column about in the first place? Oh yes …

All you Covidiots take note!

Whoa! An American bizniz sticking to the rules, and sacrificing their profits … for the benefit of their employees and patrons. Respect!

Very old propaganda campaign – still very up-to-date!

Okayyyy, now let’s have a peek at the world:

Kidz, this is a map of the world: The pink dots are showing were the most Covid victims are. As usual the USA is exceptional!

Oh, and just nownow, the cooling van from the supermarket arrived and brought us a lot of lekka foodstuff …

Cookies! 🙂

Mountains of meat and fowl, our fave veggies leeks and avos, white choco, müsli cookies, sausages and ham, acres of potatoes, half of the annual German spinacci pizza production, fishies, eggos, milk, pasta, Indian curryshit for hubby, toast bread, pretzels, flatbread, marmelade, shashliks … why no camembert cheese for me? 😐

Okay, I just notice the delivery service works really good, so we have no need for the fukn courtesy car afterall. =^.^=

You guys stay fresh and crispy like our leeks, ok?

Cya laterz


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  1. We’ve been using home delivery for a couple of years now, and for the most part it works really well. It did get a bit crazy early on this year when there was panic-buying of lots of things, but that settled down after a month or so as people realized the sky wasn’t going to fall.

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