Second Life Destinations – Etérea

Second Life at its most SecondLife-ish best. Beyond the uncanny valley. Surreal, creative, digital, definately not possible in RL.

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Etérea is a fantasy land dedicated to photography in a surreal and visually-stunning setting. Discover this little piece of art in the wonderful fantasy world called Second Life.

Sprouted from the colorful mind of Coqueta Georgia, a Second Life photographer and blogger from Chile, Etérea feels like a curated selection of fairytale elements sprinkled over a grassy island. Eterea’s experience behind the camera played a huge part in the design. Coqueta says that “Etérea was born with the idea to make a sim for photographers so that people could take photos and rezz their poses and objects for free.”

Don’t be shy if you’re somewhat new to SL photography, tutorials abound (…) and experience is how you learn. If you need a little extra motivation, the creator’s team holds monthly contests in the Etérea VIP group, which is a great way to get to know other Residents with an eye for digital art. And as always, please share the gorgeous moments you capture on our Flickr (…).

Coqueta credits her friend SeKaoru with the creation of the name Eterea, which she defines as “something intangible or volatile, something that gives us the feeling of being poorly defined but sublime at the same time.” This is visible in the way the sky is filled with floating objects: static bubbles, a stack of chairs, a cloud of umbrellas. These things defy gravity and yet seem perfectly natural in this environment, so don’t forget to look up to the clouds.

An incredibly unique aspect of this region is as Coqueta puts it that “Etérea will change with the seasons of the year and will be updated constantly, so bloggers and photographers can take pictures in different thematic seasons.” If you head there today, you’ll be met with tall grass and rows of tulips, and we’re very curious to see what will come next.

Visit Etérea today to explore the nooks and crannies of this peaceful wonderland.


Video Production: Draxtor Despres

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