Prison: Day 161

Evenin’ fancy mask wearers of the world.

Just a brief diary today since we’ll have another planned power outage today from 18:00 – 20:30, which means I should soonish get started with preparations for tonight’s dinner. I want the baked potatoes to be done when the electricity goes out.

Anyway, my old PPE mask is filthy and dirty by now so I bought a new one today:

Nothing special but at least it’s simple, red/yellow and not too vulgar. Of course this thing isn’t even FFP rated but by now, so far into the locky downy, I just think I’m not a risk for my fellow humans, so this cheapo shit will serve me for the rest of the pandemic.

Okee, the kitchen is calling, cya laterz



  1. KELLY!!!!!!!!! oh, I’ve missed Kelly vids. I already reblogged it.

    fyi, your second image isn’t showing up… broken link icon in reader, nothing in web view. Probably the upload bug… delete the image then reinsert it from the wp library.

    Just 2 masks? You’ll never make it as an American over-consumer!! I had 3 before the pandemic and added 2 after (1 covered in rhinestones; the other is cool color-change LED and impossible to breath through due to the wiring).

    Stay safe, stay sane!

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    • I didn’t know Kelly was a thing. Just stumbled upon them earlier today. Prolly in Boing Boing.

      “reinsert it from the wp library.”
      Darling I’ve reached my quota some time ago, can’t upload any further pictures. 😦 So far I’m trying to get around with some Google photo storage and since that stopped working a week ago (after we got the latest Linux kernel) I’m using a thing called Postimages. Obviously doesn’t werk too good. Thx for the heads up.

      I wonder how Lucy and Bianca are getting their pics up …

      “You’ll never make it as an American over-consumer!!”

      Hun, that’s maybe because I am not an American over-consumer! I buy the necessities I need and the luxuries I want. And that’s it then. I stop spending once the money’s gone, no crippling American debts for hubby and me.

      And btw, I had another mask before … for roundabout 10 secs before the rubber bands just broke off.

      Why … what did you do with 3 masks before corona? Working a lot with spraypaint, doing woodwork?


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