Prison: Day 159

Greetings, my Excellent Friends!

It’s Monday. Unfortunately not a glorious Monday but rainy and fukn cold. Not cool. But brrr COLD!!! Hey, at least the superduper courtesy car started after some minutes refusal and brought me to the panelbeater’s workshop. In the pouring rain, without working windscreen wipers. 😦 You know, I’m usually not a spoiled first-world brat but it would indeed have been nice if I could see at least something while driving in the hectic morning traffic.

Anyhoo, I made it to the panelbeater’s in one piece and in good health and …

Oubaas looked pale and sickly …
… but I was told that’s normal at this stage of proceedings.
It’s just the first layer of primer or so … and I “must trust the guys”. 😐 Okee…
Lucy!!!! What kinda forbidding pterosaurus is that please?
Anyway, not even 50 meters away from the panelbeater, still in the yard, the steering lock went into a one-sided lockdown of its own, and neither these guys nor telephonic help couldn’t unlock it again. So I told the bossman to fukit and bring me home.

And home is where I am now.

Grounded but dry and reasonably warm. It’s how it’s supposed to be, isn’t it? During a global pandemic I don’t have any business running/driving around and supporting the local economy, or do I?

Naw, we stay at home, save humanity, eat well and watch a lot of YouTube videos.

Hubby was just like “Hey, good news, bae: The dams are 91.9% full!”

Happy happy, joy joy. 🙂 We’ll get thru the summer without any water restrictions. And the last 3 or 4 plants in our garden have a realistic chance of survival. But why does it have to rain so much?

You guys be awesome, and excellent to each other!




    • I so hope they get it right. Spraypainters in SA are usually not very good. I saw enough freshly sprayed cars where the first rusty bubbles popped up again only a couple weeks after the work was done. That sloppyness and the aggressive salty air here are deadly for all vehicles.

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    • Yes, it does. Even in wintertime, once the sun has a chance to peek thru the clouds, it dries everything out very quickly.

      But anyway, the workshop is cleared out by now and Oubaas sits warm and dry inside the shop. Warm, haha! :/ We had 12° centigree here all day. No wonder I can feel an oncoming arthritis. 😦 The panelbeater’s bro-in-law or cousin or whatever (they have giant extended families) has closed his artisan gate welding business down for the time when they are spraypainting car bodies.


  1. Hello Beautiful Friends,

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    I try my best to create a greater height for humans, due to my experience in life. It was really hectic on me. But I Thank God for a better today. I offer a job opportunity for individuals and also assist the less privileged to the best of my ability. I love you all, feel free to write me, as I’m an instrument of peace (GODs Hand)


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