Prison: Day 158

Mørning, amazing people!

Ok, fukn courtesy car is supposedly repaired and ready to go. It was raining all the time so I didn’t spend much time watching he panel beater and his mechanic brother/cousin repairing the alternator and I was also too lazy to get out and check. I will find out later anyway … one way or the other. 😐

And now, look at this shit:

Dafuque? I didn’t really look out much today, so all I could see was that Cape Town had disappeared in a big fat cloud. So this was how it looked inside? Interesting. 😐

We still have enough food, warm fleece jackets and warm beds, so it looks like another happily stay at home day today. As long as Eskom won’t go on a loadshedding frenzy we’ll be fine. Just don’t expect me to take a shower in our African Wellness Spa. Brrr …

Anyhoes, back to the diary business:

And our girlfriend Corona?

You kidz stay healthy, alright? Auntie Orca’s gonna slip under her warm blanket now and watches some boring YT vids about boring Linux shit.

Sanitize, wash your hands, stay at home, don’t play with others, eat your veggies, eat your vitamins, hydrate, be cool … but never cold. And spread some love and fairie dust.



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