Orca was Wrong, Pt. II

Good Linuxy morning, dears!

I was wrong about Manjaro, the apology is out since yesterday, so why do a parte deux today? Because I told you I wanted to do a brief checkup on Manjaro Mate today, after I was kinda very nicely surprised by Cinnamon yesterday. But Cinnamon is one thing, it’s the desktop de jour and one should expect it to be always up to date by the distros. Mate is another thing, only some old grannies like Orca are still using it; utilitarians with no sense of style and beauty and a total focus on functionality and undisturbed workflow.

So of course the showy-offy Manjaro devs never treated Mate with the respect it deserves. But lately I hear a new maintainer took over the maintenance of Mate in the community team. So of course I wanted to check it out:

Not a happy theme but chic and dark as they all want it today.
Initial update goes as fast as expected. This is the Mate snapshot 20.01, so it’s relatively new and not too much shit to update yet.
The standard Mate desktop, Manjaro style. Much better than what the Mate devs had in mind.
Of course I did some Orcafications. Can you spot them?
Installation of Warpinator was no problem. That little program turns out to be really useful and I don’t wannna miss it anymore.
Installing sinularityviewer-alpha from the AUR fails repeatedly. Same shit worked fine, yesterday in Cinnamon. Are they fukn kidding me?
Updating of the Kernel to the recent one werked flawlessly though. Most recent in Manjaro I gotta add. Rest of the Arch world is already on Kernel 5.8.3-arch1-1.

Okayokay, No panic. I know we all need a nifty Second Life viewer and exactly that thing failed to install. 😦 I bet it’s just a short research and one or maybe two added commands in terminal and I could get this distro version online inworld. Buuut, I won’t recommend the Mate DE for you grrls n bois anyway, I want you all to use Cinnamon. As we’ve seen it’s even less problematic and nicer to look at, too. And if I wasn’t such a sloppy creature of habit I’d be on Cinnamon, too.

FS intallation fails as well. I guess I remember having had the same problem the last time I was checking out Manjaro Mate.


    • Yes, my darling, my technical expertise fairy. Thank you for srcewing my noggin on tight. I remembered it was something easy-peasy. Not that I know how to fix it but gud to know I guess. Can it be that it was you who set me on the right track when I encountered this problem during my last Manjo/Mate test? Or was it that guy from the SL Arch group? Or was that the Singu group? Fuk me if I can remember. 😮

      What I see as the real problem here, besides the user ‘orca’, is still the combi of Manjo and Mate and the Manjo maintainers’ lack of respect and dilligency. So they have a new maintainer for Mate now … and still this snapshot is lagging behind all the others. :/ Cinnamon was all set up for installing stuff from the AUR, Mate didn’t even come with YAY. Why the sloppiness, guys?

      But isn’t it nice how that nifty German language manages to pack four neatly interwoven concepts – failure, mistake, fuckup and error – into just one simple term? We are sooo effn efficient! And that’s why everybody loves us so dearly. 🙂



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