Orca was Wrong, Pt. I

Pfffrz, tell me news bitch. Orca, as everyone knows, is more wrong than right, so this is nothing special.

Or is it?

Well, this time I was only semi-wrong, and only about a thing most of you couldn’t give less fux about if you tried. Yes, Linux is rearing its fugly head again. Particularly ArchLinux derivatives. So, if you’re not already totally bored you’re cordially invited to suffer with me through this write-up.

You might know that I’m not much of a Manjaro fan anymore, even though this German/Austrian/French distro opened ArchLinux to the world, similar to what Ubuntu did to the ailing Debian distro. But Manjo was too uninviting and downright hostile towards any other desktop enviros than Xfce. And many more negative things, too petty to mention here. In the end working with Mate DE in Manjaro became kinda impossible for me, and my machine was more down than up and yadda yadda yadda, my path is well-known around here.

Thing is I heared, I guess from Renard, that the Manjaro project has a new Mate maintainer, and this got my attention. So I searched the forum up an down but couldn’t find anything about Mate and maintainers but decided to download the newest snapshot, which indeed seems to be a bit newer than the other desktops. And what I also wanted to give a short test run was Manjaro Cinnamon. Because it is a favourite of the Linux Mint masses, and I wanted to highlight the differences and simularities in the Manjo and Mint versions of this nifty desktop environment.

I did it first and will show you right now. The Mate install I will show you, maybe, tomorrow.

Oh, and that brings me back to the title of this post. I guess I must apologize to the Manjaro devs and users … for various reasons. Manjaro must not be perfect for me, it is supi dupi perfect for many Linux users. Else it wouldn’t be on #2 in the DistroWatch charts. And let’s not forget I’m on Linux/Arch/Mate since 2013 and what appears as simple and easy to me (EndeavourOS) might be totally unusable crapola for you. So if you’re just stumbling into Arch very freshly, I must recommend Manjaro for you. Not EnOS.

Now let’s have a really brief peek into Manjaro/Cinnamon:

Installation and moving in works flawlessly. Up to now no Archy complexities.

Insignifiicant luxory we don’t get in Endeavour: Various installable Kernels. Ok, if you wanna, please, do so.

The standard desktop looks decidedly darker and cooler than the Minty one. But it’s all customizable so nobody should base their decision on looks.

My standard test: Second Life installs with YAY from the AUR, just like in most other Arch distros. Of course all the other stuff works as well, we don’t need to test it all. I also installed warpinator from Pacman, so I could transfer these screenshots from Gaga to GagaMore. Encountered no problems.

Ok , after the very brief test ride I’m impressed with Manjo. No bitchery, no problems, no alarms. They seem to have Cinnamon perfecty figured out and I don’t see any complications for you when you wanna switch from Mint to Manjo.

I can imagine prolems for some of you if you wanna switch from Mint to Endeavour. Because, although you have a very friendly and knowledgable community, in the end you are alone with your machine. And in that case you’re better of with Manjaro.

Tomorrow I shall try what I wanted to do in the first place: figure out if Manjo is a better home for the Mate desktop than I remember.

Until then, Orca over and out …



    • I consider Cinnamon now the bestest desktop in the world. Not for me personally but I guess if I’d start on Linux only now, I wouldn’t dabble in Mate anymore. Oh, btw, where did you get the info about a new Mate maintainer with Manjaro? I couldn’t find anything.

      And, yes, same as Mint, Manjo gets better and betterer … again not for me but for what people normally want and expect.

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      • 🙂 For the record, the maintainer is not all that new; they had a new one since you last used Manjaro MATE; here is a link to the information you wanted (The maintainer’s name is all the way down the list): https://fingli.github.io/team/

        I would have told you more but unfortunately, Manjaro Linux’s Forum crashed approximately one month ago and as a result, people lost their login credentials and had to create new accounts. I am not creating a new account.

        The Manjaro Linux Forum is back up and running and people who were members of the previous forum had to create new accounts in order to log in.

        I have moved on since.

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  1. “maintainer’s name is all the way down the list”
    Uh ok, Lane Wiscombe. When I checḱed last it was still Stefano Capitani, and I guess he was slooooow.

    “people lost their login credentials”
    Happened to me as well, long ago. Right next day after I logged on for the first time. Never did bother trying it again. They don’t wanna play with grrrlz? Ok so be it, geeks. 😦

    “I have moved on since.”
    \o/ Yay! \o/ Me too.


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