Just a Short Notice


Today’s peek at the DistroWatch Linux charts shows nothing new I guess. Endeavour’s slow and steady climb to the top reminds us on Manjaro’s rise a couple years ago as my fave distro sits on #17. What’s so exciting about this constellation is the simple fact that I consider it in direct beating order of the Top 5 distros.

Yes, even if I sound like the crazy person I am right now, all distros from #4 – #14 are nonsensical bullshit!

There. I said it.

Yes, there are some big names in that void, old and honourable Linuxes from the past, stuff that somehow cemented their position long ago and now sits there inert. But EndeavourOS is new, only just had its first anniversary but shows remarkable maturity and is moving.

Moving Up!

Endeavour already passed the old stalwart ArcoLinux, a fellow ArchLinux derivate; the Systemd-free AntiX and grandaddy Arch itself will be the next victims. 😉 Than comes a long line of hapless idiots until we get to #5 and #4, the mighty Debian and its formerly sexy daughter Ubuntu. Both having outlived their purpose and welcome already years ago and have been replaced by MX and Mint, respectively.

I’d replace both of them with just Sparky Linux but let’s not get into those fine details. In reality Debian and Ubuntu are both still there and seemingly doing well, so they’ll be hard nuts to crack. But look, MX, Manjo and Mint did it already, so it’ll be no problem for Endeavour to join the Top 4 and ultimately replace Manjaro. 🙂

Fellow Linux people of his blog, think I’m crazy? Yes, it sounds a bit over-ambitious, I have to admit. And that coming from the least ambitious person on the fukn planet, I must be on drugs. 😮 But in reality Endeavour is the first Arch derivate I’m like 100% convinced of. Manjo’s always been a bit too unstable, Namib suffered the one-man-circus koma and death and Archman has severe communication problems. EndeavourOS has it all figured out, they have a very active dev team and a lively, friendly and very active community. I guess at this point in time Endeavour will survive even if the core team will be hit by a bus and put out of action. There will be people to take over!

Oh, and come on, have you seen this announcement?

If and when a Linux distro comes up with its own swag they’ll become unstoppable. You know as they say: Once your logo is on a t-shirt you’ve become legend and cannot die! So maybe hubby and me can retire our old Manjaro tee soon-ish. 🙂

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