Full Stop is Racist.

😮 Oh my, those youngsters, lol. 😦

Datz almost like in SL, were we still no wot gud grammar iz … but we am to kool too use it 🙂

Some people’s kidz. 😦 Come on, really now. No excuse to shabby for them to get rid of gud maners, gud riting skillz and gud ejukaton. And get rid of all komon senz and logick at ze same teim. Kan I say I really, like, hate Gen Zers?

Oh, you studeed linguisticks, or Engleesh, at uniwercity, eckpeckting to become a teecher or a proffesor one day? I feel so sowwy for ya. 😦


    • Yes! But special snowflakes. Because the people who came up with this nonsense are academics and getting paid for writing such stuff. 😦


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