1. No twitter so I can’t see the comments. But no need, I can imagine them.

    It’s not World vs US, it’s World vs INANE CHEETO and his INSANE FOLLOWERS.

    There was a headline yesterday that 75% of Republicans believe the country is better off than it was in 2016. I didn’t bother to open the article. Pandemic, unemployment, rise in white supremacists & nationalism, climate change, and alienating the rest of the world… but BETTER OFF????? f them!!!

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  2. Do you know the “Desert Survival Task”? You’re given this puzzle — your group has crashed in the desert and you’re going to try to walk out. You need to prioritize 20 items in terms of their importance. First everyone ranks them individually. Then, the group discusses. Then, everyone ranks them again. On average, after the discussion, Americans moved an average of one item toward the consensus. In other words, they were very slightly influenced by everyone else’s opinions and arguments. By contrast, the Chinese groups began initially just as far from each other as the Americans. But after the discussion, the members of the team had almost identical rankings. On average, they were only one item different from the group average.


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