Waiting for a Pod

… that may never arrive. 😦
Read Riverpearl’s swansong for the Yava Script Pod Tours and look at her photos from happierer times …

Million Happy Endings

Waiting for a Pod in Serpentata

Real life and virtual life calls for resilience and hopefully graceful adaptation to change.

My learning of the suspended operations of the YavaScript Mainland Pod Tours was received from Inara Pey’s blog, and Second Life Newser, after I’d noticed chatter in the Pod Riders group. In the photo above I’m sitting by the road on a Linden bench in front of a newly constructed parcel in Serpentata that a friend and I are renting from Xiraz.

Waiting for a Pod in Rosieri

This weekend I’ve done a casual photo shoot of mainland parcels where I create spaces, almost always in collaboration with others, focusing on parcels on Pod routes. There is often seating near the road/tracks/water from which to leap up and jump into a passing Pod.

The Rosieri parcel belongs to a land group owned by Kate Silver.

Waiting for a Pod in…

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