Prison: Day 152

While South Africa officially jols and is happy for life to get normal again – as if they don’t know that life will never be “normal” as we know it again – and the finance minister and hobby chef, the honourable Tito Mboweni fux up the planned family feast …

… everybody seems to forget the silent killer, lurking in the background:

That doesn’t look too peachy. 😦

What’s the problem, guys? The novelty virus not sexy enough anymore? Want more spectacle, more infections, more deaths?

Coming right up!

Even worse. 😦

And anyway, shouldn’t the minister of the cash register not be busy day and night, figuring out how to get the country out of the pandemic with not too much debt?

Not that roasting a chicken is a bad idea, ever, but sending out twitty twats about it to almost a million followers is maybe not the most professional attempt. I mean what will the taxpayers and the poor unemployed think about such behaviour? “Bigwig can afford to fuk up chicken dinner and I can’t even afford some white bread. :(“

You kidz, you are smarter, right?

So, still, even after 152 days, we stay home and keep our sickly microbes to ourselves, and help our families and the whole humanity to survive!

Cya laterz



  1. Yesterday I completed a survey about willingness to attend events of various sizes, given the assumption of strict enforcement of masks and distancing. On a scale of 0 to 100, I responded 0 for all options!!

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    • Gud grrl! I’m sooo fukn proud of you! 🙂

      But ok, you and I, we can talk easy, receiving money from the gvmt for not working. I guess most ppl are rather willing to risk their health in order to feed their families. But the survey wasn’t about work but leisure events, right? A seven-nations-army couldn’t drag me there. 😐


      • I’m not getting money for not working! I got $1200 from the govt but so did everyone who paid taxes.

        I don’t qualify for unemployment benefits because I got them 3.5 yrs ago (though FAR less than C19 relief). I get “food stamps” (a monthly allowance for food ONLY) now but that is for being severely low income and wasn’t increased. I get about $160/mo. People getting unemployment rec’d about $4,300/mo, per person who lost their job (including teens). I don’t know if the extended benefits expired but the $600/wk bonus did. It’s likely more benefits will be approved but I still won’t qualify… and I am very very close to being totally & completely broke. I already notified my bank that I can’t make my equity loan payments (I’ll make “token” payments so they can’t take my home), cancelled needed dental care, and am skipping my cats’ annual exams & vaccinations.

        Yes, the survey was by a leisure event ticket site. I don’t want to go to an office environment either but if I get offered a job I’ll HAVE to take it.

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  2. Wow … wait, wot??? 4300 woolongs unemployment benefit? Per month? That’s twice my last income before taxes and social insurance fees, in 1999. With 4300 I’d not even think about working … ever again!


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