I Don’t Dare. :/

Finally I have the courtesy car at home, at my disposal. \o/ YAY! \o/ I could go shopping or do whatever but …

… I don’t dare driving in this shitty thing. Panelbeater tells me the alternator is fuked, which means …

… rather sooner than later the car will just stop … and not start again. 😦 Do I wanna spend my time with such dumfukery? Me, the spoiled white beach? I don’t think so. Even for the cheapcheap price of 50 Woolongs/day it’s too expensive a price for a mere decorative object in my parking spot. 😐

I guess we’ll rather order our foodstuff on the internet and pay a little bit extra for the delivery. It’s better for the nerves.


    • He can’t afford more. This is a private car of his. waiting for restauration since 20 years or more. First he wanted to “rent a cheapie” (that’s the name of the rental outfit, no shit) which would’ve been cheap to hire indeed … but he couldn’t afford the security advance.


  1. So clean and white! looks pretty spiffy for a 1980’s piece of $%^. Sorry it won’t work for you Orca, I was looking forward to Virgin yoga report 🙂

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    • It’s actually from 95 or so, Becca, so brand spanking new kinda. 😉 Who knows, maybe it works, I can get it started an drive around … but will never make it home again. But this sort of long term thinking is way above the mental capacities of most people here. Engine make vroom vroom – you good to go. 🙂

      When you break down somewhere else, that’s a new problem and will be dealt with then. But for now it’s a supidupi car. 😮

      Virgin Active, I just looked up their new class schedule. And it’s a mess. No more than 50 ppl are allowed to be in the club at the same time and they try to spread it out evenly. We’re supposed to book our classes before we go to the club. When there are 30 ppl in the yoga hall, spinning room. or in the pool/sauna area there is less capacity for individual weightlifters. All that must be carefully considered, since the weight lifters are often in a hurry, directly slipping into their business suits and off to work while we yoga housewives and pool grannies have all the time in the world.


      Yoga Flow at 9:05 a.m. is unheard of. Likewise ‘Beaching with the whales’ at 10:05 a.m.


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