Shields races – August 22nd

With 8 racers, first course today was H4. A great start by Chris, close followed by Paul and Moon.

Nice view od the fleet in the downwind leg.

Chris and Paul leaving mark#4 while Lamp and Joanna was approaching it.

Chris and Paul in their duel.

Crossing the line, Paul, Moon, Chris and Pat

Joanna had to leave, so second course had “only” 7 boats. Course was C2

Rounding mark#1.

Just before mark#2 Lamp made a 360 for a previous fault.

Moon maintained his leadership through all the race.

Moon folowed by Paul entering Triumphal lagoon.

More pics:

August rank:

One comment

  1. ““only” 7 boats”

    Ok, Lucy, I take everything back I said negatively about the Shields. It’s a super duper boat, a champion of the racing masses! 🙂

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