Linux Philosophy: Why EndeavourOS?

Morning my little shitheads! πŸ™‚

While I’m sitting here, waiting for the panel beater to come round and finally bring me the promised courtesy car … of course only after church (he’s black, so there’s always that churchy thing with those people), I’m kinda bored and looking for something to do. Yeah, even though I have subscribed to, like, 150 YT channels, I emptied the stockpile and have nothing to watch right now.


So what else? Hubby and me just watched the latest Netflix flick last night. I could write about that but do I feel like? Naaaw. So on the growing pile of still to be reviewed movies it goes.

A messy but slightly amusing family flick

Hm, I could also check into Second Life, finally do some sailing … NO! Too engaging, too technical, too laborious for me on the office PC right now. I kinda swore an oath to myself to only join you guys inworld again once I have MiniMax back.

I gaping black hole where MiniMax used to reside. 😦

It seems I have no other option left other than philosopherizing about Linux, or GNU/Linux to make it right. And particularly about my favourite family of Linux distros, ArchLinux. Yes, I know it’s lame and boring and you all know that I’m personally on the one or other Arch distro since 2014. Actually only, like, two weeks after I installed my first Linux ever, Linux Mint 14, my freshly found guruine told me go bust or go Manjaro. So Manjaro it was. And what a wonderful system it was. it wasn’t even on version 1.0 but came in lots of betas around the 0.8 range. It was all the rage and a new hopeful in the Linux world, still in the lower ranks of the DistroWatch charts but steadily climbing … and fast. A similar revolution in Arch as Ubuntu had done to the Debian world long ago.

Those were the days

By now we know that Manjaro kinda shares Ubuntu’s fate in so far that both distros became lazy and sloppy and greedy and were eaten by their successors. So the same contempt I feel towards Ubuntu users I also show towards Manjaro disciples. Not that bad, as they at least escaped the Ubuntu cult and went a step ahead … and rested there and became stale like their distro. 😦

If you sometimes read my Linux pieces in here, you know that my way went on from Manjaro. Partly was I forced to move on, since Manjaro never really cared about the Mate desktop and fucked up every third or fourth update, which breaks the system. And partly because the Arch community is fresh and joyful and the members are coming up with new distros all the time.

So my way led me from Manjaro to Namib GNU/Linux. And, boy, was I happy there. The Namib developer frederic2ec, took all the desktops serious, and I didn’t feel like a dirty stepchild with my Mate desktop. Unfortunately he is very young and had stress with his exams in school and totally neglected his Linux distro. It’s kinda dead now. What a shame. 😦

Fortunately new Arch-based distros do pop up all the time right now, and they are mostly very good. What a time to be alive! πŸ™‚ Next distro for Orcsi was quickly found: Archman GNU/Linux was maybe even more clever than Namib – coz a bit closer to vanilly Arch – but unfortunately the forum and communication occurs mostly in Turkish, a language I’m not as familiar with as I should be. Turks are for Germany what Mexicans are for the USA. Still I never really got my head wrapped around the lingo, and apart from some slum phrases I know shitall about it.

Archman GNU/Linux developers

So up popped the new freshness EndeavourOS and, wowza!, I’m in heaven. If Archman was 99% compatible with the true ArchLinux, Endeavour is 110% compatible. After installation it is pure Arch, just with some added stuff you’d install anyway. But still nice and lean and with no bloat and shit you don’t need.

He’s right, you know?

So, now, finally we get to the main part of this opinion piece: ArchLinux is simple.

Don’t believe me? Think Arch is super geeky and complex and you must be a true keyboard warrior and power user in order to master and use it? Mhm, yes, so thought I. And I still partly think so. Buuut, let’s define what simple really means for everybody. You and I, we think simple means simple to use and simple to understand. Right?

Indeed very simple! πŸ™‚

No sorry, simple – at least in the Linux definition – means it’s not overburdened with needless crud, and its internal structures are no too messy. It means once you have a basic understanding of how your computer works, Arch is simple to figure out. Arch still follows old Linux principles by not being to monolithic (eventhough most distros are using the antithesis: Systemd) but pretty modular by offering many small solution who do one thing and one thing only, but that thing they do exceptionally well.

In so far Arch is really very simple. For example are most Arch-type distros after installation devoid of most user software. Wanna have the usual stuff, emailer, video and music player, graphical software, an office suite? Go and install the shit yourself. And once you done that you’ll know your system and what you can do with it.

EndeavourOS kinda waters this KISS approach down a little. But just a teeny tiny little bitsy. I forgot now what came with Endeavour specifically, the internet browser, yes. Thunderbird for the mail? Naaaw, doit yourself if you wanna. Libre Office? No, I don’t think so. Qbittorrent, GIMP, VLC and other stuff? Naw. You gotta install all that by yourself … in the name of simplicity. Endeavour doesn’t even come with a software or app store. The devs expect you know what you want and what it’s called. That’s simple! Catch my drift now?

Actually super easy, barely an inconvenience. πŸ™‚

Are you afraid?

Don’t be. As long as you know what you’re doing it all becomes very simple indeed. πŸ˜‰ Install programs with one simple terminal command and watch the magic happen. πŸ˜‰

So my recommendation still stands: When you wanna join the Linuxy side of life, and who wouldn’t wanna do that, choose Linux Mint! Even though it’s based on Ubuntu it will make you happy!

Once you know your way around and become bored and restless, please feel welcome in the Arch community and instantly become a better celestial being. πŸ˜‰


  1. πŸ™‚ As a matter of fact, an Arch Linux system can be set up any way that you want; it can be made simple or geeky.

    In all fairness to Manjaro, a new maintainer is handling Manjaro MATE (A lot has changed since the days that you tried Manjaro MATE).

    Anyway, EndeavourOS is closer to Arch Linux.

    Oh, it broke my heart when the developer for Namib GNU/Linux abandoned his project; I enjoyed using the MATE desktop that he had put together.

    Also, ArcoLinux’s rendition of the MATE desktop environment is not bad.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “I enjoyed using the MATE desktop that he had put together.”

      Yes, he got rid of the lower panel and pulled the upper one down, same as I always do. And I guess he replaced the 3-pronged classic menu with Brisk Menu. Perfect.

      Arco Linux is not for me tho, it’s overburdened with software I neither want nor need. And the the bias on learning. :/ Pfffrz.

      Liked by 1 person

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