Prison: Day 148

Good afternoon, Super Stars!

\o/ Yay! \o/

Dunno if I told you already but we’re on Lockdown Level 2! Which means almost no restrictions anymore besides a duty to wear your mask in public. And on Monday my gym will reopen … and my van is at the skindoctors. Which means I can’t be there, can’t attend any group practices, can’t enjoy the sauna. Oh my, FOMO. 😦

But the boss skindoctor promised me to bring his old Toyota around for me to use while Oubaas is in a lockdown of his own. Let’s see if he still remembers his promise. :/

Super duper courtesy car 😮

Me and you, we made a promise, too, no? And we had a plan. Survival! I know you’re obviously doing well. Don’t ask me how I know, I just do. 😉 And let’s keep it up, guys. Don’t feel too relieved, now that all the lockdown restrictions slowly fall away in most countries and the people of Wuhan already had a huge mass pool party. They could do it. Not because some eager president told them it’s ok but because the true capacities, the scientists, declared Covid-19 was vanquished in their province.


Don’t be like them! If you don’t live in Wuhan or in Kiwiland or Middle-Earth, you don’t have a reason to plan or attend any giant pool parties soon. Stay frosty, stay alive!

Cya laterz


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