Poetry Made in Second Life – The Glinka Gallery

Oh yes, poetry my old friend. How I missed you and how happy I am to meet you again here, in the most unlikely, the most unpoetic of all imaginable places …

Learn more at https://secondlife.com/destination/th…

Poet Shyla discusses how she uses Second Life as a form of poetic expression.

“For me, poetry is about capturing feelings,”” she says. “The subject does not matter. I hope my verse captures the feelings of a moment of history. It’s the feeling we must remember, especially now. Without feeling, how do we remember the aches, the joy, the ambivalence and the rage of action; shame of inaction?”

In this video, Shyla also showcases The Glinka Gallery, a group of four galleries dedicated to fine art, photography, poetry, music, and dance by SL artists. Glinka Gallery One focuses on new art exhibitions. Glinka Gallery Two is home to the permanent collection of art and photography from previous shows.

The Fibonacci Gallery is dedicated to the short-form poetry that adheres to the Fibonacci number sequence. The Frank O’Hara Building is a poetry gallery for Second Life poets. There is also the Frank O’Hara room for special events and readings.

The piazza is home to Glinka gallery’s resident dance group The Sway & Dance Troupe who mix choreography, music, and poetry in their very visual dance spectaculars. The gallery director is real-world novelist and poet, Wolfgang Glinka.


Video Production: Draxtor Despres

Made in SL logo: Marianne McCann

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