I’m Not a Fan

But this is important news for many of y’all:

Computing heaven for most.

MX Linux may be squatting fat and secure on the #1 spot in Distrowatch’s charts but it fell through my personal test. And that is, like everything in the free Linux world, the only scale we should measure stuff by. The choice is gigantic, and everybody will find a different slice of heaven. And this new edition to MX doesn’t tickle my fancy neither. But I can imagine, no, I’m quite sure, with the addition of KDE Plasma desktop they will cement their numero uno status even stronger.

No fear, I’m not gonna test that stuff, have better (for me) Debian-based candidates to use, and the KDE desktop I won’t even touch with a 10″ pole.


So, I let you know about this shit, didn’t I? Now you know. And now you can install it … or don’t. Meh. Can I go back to sleep now please?


One comment

  1. 🙂 MX Linux has its select crowd.

    Now, I am not going to bash Debian because I prefer Arch Linux.

    I tested MX Linux with the Xfce desktop environment in the past and it was lightning fast. However, in spite of all of that, I realized that MX Linux is not for me.

    The truth is that there is so much more that a person can do with Arch Linux; it might be a bit difficult for the beginner, but once they get the hang of it, they will enjoy it.

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