Prison: Day 144

Hey, gud morning, my fellow humanoids, howzallofyall doing?

Are you also caught up in this grey zone between knowing what’s right and wanting what should be your right?

The Grand Poobah did speaketh:

Good news everybody?

So, what Papa Smurf done spoketh: Sounds good:

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on August 15 2020 that South Africa will be moving to lockdown alert level 2 from August 18 2020. He announced many restrictions will be lifted, including bans on alcohol and tobacco sales, while family visits and local travel will also be permitted. The announcement comes after health experts advised that the country has now managed to arrest rapid transmission of the Covid-19 virus and that health-care infrastructure would not be undermined.

For more on what will be allowed and what won’t be under level 2, check out…

In other words: Police will be plenty busy with drunk peepels and pub brawls and traffic accidents and murders again. Live as we know it is gonna return tonight at midnight.

But there is an upside to the whole thing: Gyms are gonna re-open and I know where I’ll be first thing tomorrow morning … ugh, noooo! 😮

Oubaas at the panel beaters, no courtesy vehicle, so I’ll spend the great joyful reopening probably exactly here where I am now: Perched over a fukn computer keyboard, typing out my frustrations and fomo. 😦 Not feeling too peachy right now, I can tell you. :/

Here’s what will change under level 2:

* All restrictions on inter-provincial travel will be lifted.

* Accommodation, hospitality venues and tours will be permitted according to approved protocols to ensure social distancing.

* Restaurants, bars and taverns will be permitted to operate according to approved protocols as to times of operation and numbers of people.

* Restrictions on the sale of tobacco will be lifted.

* The suspension of the sale of alcohol will be lifted subject to certain restrictions.

* Alcohol will be permitted for on-site consumption in licensed establishments only up until 10pm.

* Liquor outlets will be allowed to sell alcohol for off-site consumption from Monday to Thursday during the hours of 9am to 5pm only.

* Restrictions on family and social visits will also be lifted, although everyone is urged to exercise extreme caution and undertake such visits only if necessary.

And anyway, is it too early to go to Alert Level 2? Why yes, of course it is. Much too early!!! They are handing a matchbox and jerry can to a bunch of toddlers … with forseeable results. 😮 Like when they opened the schools and only a couple days later infection rates went thu the roof again. But did they learn anything, those puny humans?

“Naaw, it’ll be fine!”

Fuk it will. 😦

And hubby and me, we’re not even drinking and smoking anymore. So what good will level 2 us?

Also … am I a terrible racist for copypasting this pseudo-scientific snippet here:

Black South Africans dying at a a higher rate from Covid-19

The latest data released by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases shows that black and coloured people account for the majority of Covid-19 deaths reported since the beginning of the outbreak in South Africa.

“In addition to factors previously reported to be associated with in-hospital mortality (older age groups; male sex; admission in the public sector; month of admissions; and having comorbid hypertension, diabetes, chronic cardiac disease, chronic renal disease, malignancy, HIV, current tuberculosis alone or both current and past tuberculosis, and obesity), individuals of Black African and Coloured race were more likely to die in-hospital as compared to Whites,” the NICD said.

Not a good time to be black or brown methinks. Or poor. Sorry. 😦 But neither a good time if you have pre-existing illnesses as often associated with an unhealthy lifestyle and bad discipline.

Frens, don’t trip into the trap of nicotine, sugar, alcohol and coffeeine. Stay strong, stay healthy, stay alive! And wash your friggin hands … and sanitize …

cya laterz




    • At Virgin Active you’re supposed to not bring he equipment back but drop it at a cleaning station, where it’ll be sanitized for the next member.
      Anyway, I’m mostly looking forward to using the Turkish steam sauna and sweat all the viruses out of my body.


    • What healthcare? LOL I guess there are more than enough poor AF whities in the US who can’t afford any healthcare neither. BUUUUT! Just because I’m not insured doesn’t mean I must get infected, no? Thinking about it, we have no health insurance in SA neither and living on the edge. Still we’re trying not to get infected with Covid-19. It’s not too hard.


      • Well SA citizens weren’t dumb enough to turn preventive measures into a political issue. Even Cheeto called himself ‘patriotic’ for the 2 seconds when he wore a mask.

        It’s all SO STUPID here!!!

        Liked by 1 person

        • So after the first wave of Covid infections we’ll see a second wave of suicides? Because when I’d get out of hospital with a 1 mio US$ invoice in hand … well, goodbye cruel world. |(


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