Prison: Day 143

Just a short observation today, my frens: Remember how excited and full of teenage angst and fomo I was during the first or three days of quarantine when the stores were bereft of Hand Sanitizer? Bog roll? No prob, we got enough … at home and in the stores. But hand sanitizer and facemasks were scarce.

And Orca was like “Oh noes, I’m so uncool. All the other kidz have sanitizers and the most fancy masks. Only me, I’m outer than out, like a Windows user at a Linux conference. Or like a Mac user … anywhere!” 😮

Anyhoo, couple days later I was able to find the desired hand sanitizer and …

Too much hand sanitizer. :/

… only used it a couple times. 😮 Only the big bottle shows any signs of usage, the little ones are fresh like on the day I bought them. As you’ve probably experienced yourself, when out and about we’re being spritzed every time we enter a mall, then when we enter the individual shops, then at the cashiers and again when we leave. And for good measure when we leave the mall. Until we smell like Freshness personified and our hands are sooo smoooth. 🙂

At home? Pffff. I’m a housewife alright. But I’m a miserable housewife, and we got a cleaning lady and I’m far too lazy for garden work. So no use for much spritzing.

The result you can see in the photo above. Big bottle hardly broken in, small bottles never opened. 😐

And I guess most ppl had/have similar experiences coz all the stores are overflowing with hand sanitizers noone’s buying anymore.

Let me know, my peeps, what are your experiences with hand sanitizer? Bought too much? Or are you using that shit regularly at home since you have  your hands in dirt all the time and need more?

And facemasks?

Blocking the air inlet to the engine. You sure ’bout dat?

Don’t get me started on facemasks. My one and only sowly desintegrates and my fave pharmacy is emptied out again. For some weeks you could buy the fancy fashion masks pretty much anywhere but those times are over now. Well, as girls we know how to help ourselves with scarves n shit but a real medically proven face mask?

Those are crapola. 😦

Remember how angry I was at our inept gov’mt plans for easing the lockdown to stage 2? Ok, changed my mind since …

Soon, Orca. Very soon. Have a little patience.

… at stage 2 gyms are allowed to reopen! \o/ Long live lockdown in stage 2! Long live our good government! It’s absolutely save and healthy, and particularly at a big established club like Virgin Active we can rely on the fact that all measures have been taken to make it a healthy experience. I know already my first visit will be dedicated to a lengthy sauna and pool session. I mean what could be more sanitizing and healthy than marinating for an hour in a chloride acide bath? Or iodised or whatever fashionable additives they use these days.

They have “Hygiene Protocols”. Sounds healthy, no?

Okay my frens, I guess the lockdown time’s coming to a completion soon-ish. If we think it makes sense or not doesn’t matter. If our gov’mts, for whatever reasons, decide it’s about time for bizniz as usual we have to deal with it. No more excuses for stayin’ at home any lazying on your couch all day long. Get back to work, little worker ants!

Hurry my little darlings, granny Orca needs her pension money … every month!

But it’s not time for that yet. At least not in SA and for many industries we’re still in lockdown. And for pensioners Hubby and Orca, well, for us nothing much will change one way or the other.

Old farts rockin’ and rollin’ in your money!

Tell me, how is it for you? Are you already working again, did you work from home all the time and happy now you can go back to office or maybe work from home now on a permanent basis? Or are you slackers like we and just roll with the punches?

Ħmmm, not too bad. =^.^=

Whatever you are and whatever you do; frens, stay frosty, don’t let your guard down, sanitize, wash, distance, lock yourself away, SURVIVE!






  1. Serviette from our fancy picnic set became a mask.

    I get allergic reactions to the liquids sprayed on me. Last time I was in town, was ten days ago. We bake our own bread and shop once a month.

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    • Hand Sanitizers are 97% pure alcohol or so, plus some additives that are supposed to be good for your skin. Most of it evaporates quickly, the rest keeps my skin nice and soft. Dunno how any allergens could be in there.
      Last time I was in town was, like, 2 years ago.


      • I have to brave several retail entrances when I go, two banks, and maybe the fishery and the butchery. Trust me, there are all sorts of chemicals in the ones they use here and very little alcohol, if any. 97% alcohol content would be a very expensive distilled product.

        Many people are allergic to everyday materials. I happen to be hyper-allergic.


    • I’ve got a FFH1 mask that serves me well since almost 5 months now. Well, I only use it once a week or fortnightly. You in America? The poor discipline and low social responsibility of ppl lets me guess so. 😦 In SA we have a general mask duty in public now. Everybody’s wearing their mask. You can’t go anywhere without it, security would block you from entering any mall or store or public building.

      When I go out for a walk I’m usually on my own, so I don’t wear my mask. Because I drive to a beach that is usually totally deserted so I’m socially distanced.


      • I’m in the UK, and while wearing masks is now compulsory on public transport, the situation in shops is down to the management currently. Based on my observations, most people aren’t wearing masks when out and about, unless like me they’re still shielding, or they want to protect family members who are.

        The situation in the USA is beyond frightening for me, I feel sorry for all my friends over there who are trying to do the right thing and being confronted by idiots out there. 😦

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        • “I’m in the UK”
          Pheeew, lucky you. 🙂

          “situation in the USA is beyond frightening”
          It is, isn’t it. And not because of banana republic gov’mt but the peepelz are sooo fukn ignorant. And now they wonder why they can’t travel nowhere nice anymore. 😦


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