More Avo n Eggs Experiments

… and slowly I’m getting kinda good at it:


Replaced the toast with lightly toasted Pita bread, cut the avo in pieces, sprinkled with cajun spice, poached egg on top and over that a slice of breakfast ham. More spices for the finetuning and voila, Bob has been my uncle. 🙂

Whoa! That stuff really fills one up. 😮

So, that was the last of my 3 avos. High time I get more of these things, I might be onto something here. Homemade brekkie in bistro quality. =^.^=



    • Ok gurlz,noted: Next bunch on flatbread and English muffins … coming right up!
      I love both, maybe the muffin is even nicer since it’ll suck up the yolk yummily. Stupidly forgot to purchase all the things when I was shopping today. No muffins, no salmon, no avocados in da house. 😮 Only a 6pack of jumbo eggs and buncha flatbreads (or “muslim pancake” as hubby calls it). Can’t magick avo/salmon toasts without avo and the fukin fish, can I?

      Hey, that’s a quirky band name: Avocado and the Fish. Or Salmon and the Avos. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I’m Salmon … and these are my Avocados!”


  1. lightly mash a ripe avocado with lemon juice and a pinch ot salt and sugar add fresh crayfish, flusskrebs ..salt pepper and serve in a fresh flatbread wrap Heaven finely chopped chives if you li,e avoid onions or shallots to strong pinch of chillie flakes if you like yummmbo jumbo xxx

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